Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bee night

Friday night was Bee night....quiche, salad, coconut cake and brownies and fabric scraps!  And lots of catching up on  what's going on with everyone.  Susan--aka Sarge--spent the evening stitching a million tiny beads on her "out of the box art quilt".  She took the class from Marilyn Wall at QSC retreat to create an art quilt from a garden photo.  I will try to get a photo when it is finished to post. 

Another member, Deb, does free-lance work for Fabric Editions.  She generously shares leftover scraps  from project designs  and samples that she does for them.   I spent the afternoon yesterday sorting and pressing and have an over flowing box full.  There's enough for a nice size scrap quilt for Habitat for Humanity, our guild's on-going philanthrophy project.  Thanks, Deb.
Suzanne was working on her school marm costume for Roper Mountain Science Center.  She's the historian of our group and does wonderful applique and hand  work.  I spent the evening stitching on the french braid and finished the second run.  It's looking good.


  1. I think I might call the Daisy Quilt - " A Daisy not Planted in a Box." What do you think? I was also thinking about " A Daisy en Croute"

    Had a blast Friday! Still need the quiche recipe! Sarge

  2. Sarge, I like the second one...A Daisy en a hidden surprise. Will post the recipe....


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