Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zen Something?

Zen garden, zen mat, zen challenge thing.....whatever I call it, the piecing is completed.  This is so out of my box!   I tried about 6 arrangements on the design wall, and luckily I used a favorite tool--digital camera--to help me visualize it all.  Wouldn't you know I settled on the first arrangement I laid out!   Thank goodness, I had a photo to go by.
I used 3 different blacks for the background, which is hardly noticeable...and a lot of  "creative" piecing.  Actually I worked in sections adding strips and hunks to widen or lengthen  the area to fit to the next section.  Then I added a 3 inch border.   It is about 16 inches by 44 inches before I quilt it.
I had only intended to use one of the fabric circles, and now I think I need to use both and create another one.  I think I will do another zentangle on some hand dyed fabric that I did last summer.   And then the quilting....which is the fun part for me.  

Since I was taking photos, I snapped a quick one of the folded fabric pinwheel.
The pinwheel block is a 6 inch block. 
Now, to clean up the sewing room and get dinner.
Happy stitching.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Glad you tried making the block. Looks great.

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