Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art Group's First Projects

The Thursday morning art group meet today.  What an amazing bunch!  Each of us took the lesson and went in different directions.  It was great to bounce ideas and share techniques we used from our past experiences.  We are all looking forward to the next chapter.  So, here is what resulted from the first project.

This is Maureen's fan-dancing frog.  Her theme is "F words"......we think.  We loved the bright red her dancer is wearing, too.  Would you believe the fans are cut from an old pair of curtains?  She has tacked them in places and left the edges loose.   Maureen's dry humor shows through in this one.
Sandy had a piece of fabric that inspired her first project.  The tiny turtles--good perspective--are buttonhole stitched on her machine.  Her husband suggested the border treatment stripe from the sun fabric.  It really sets the design off.  I just love the serene mood of this piece.
This is Evelyn's project.  Her theme is trees and a scripture to match.  We all liked the colors she chose and the way her inset made the design pop.  She used a lot of the techniques in the chapter---overlapping, color values and the inset.   I would call this piece dramatic.

Jaylyn's theme was easiest to guess....Oriental.  She also has a wonderful collection of oriental fabrics.  Her design shows the most perspective I think.  She used a gray-black to create the shadow underneath the kimono, buttons, and the band with symbols.  Just that tiny detail of shadow gives so much dimension to this piece.   The overall project is so striking.
Ok, this is mine and I have showed it before.  My theme is England--a country I want to explore.   This is my
version of Stonehenge that I call Ancient Ruins.  Enough said.  Great work, gals.  
 Elin, the group knows you are checking in on us....they are interested in your comments.

I can't wait to see what we all come up with next month.  I shared my pair of pears, the good and the bad, as a forewarning of what to watch out for when they chose their fabrics.  We have 2 exercises and another project in the series this next month.  We should all be quite busy.


juanita said...

These are great! Each one has something different and interesting.

Debbie said...

Thank you. Art group gals, be sure to check out Juanita's work on her blog. There is a link under blogs I like to read.

Delia (Del) said...

I love them all but really like the frog in her togs.

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