Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art quilts in the works

My project for the Irish  landscape class now has a border.  I ended up using a fillet inset in a muted batik and then adding the dark border in the regular manner.   I just did not like the stark,dark against the landscape for some reason.  I preferred the slight transition of the inset.  Looking at it, I am very pleased with the hills and mountains.  All the work with color and value in my watercolors quilts helped after all.  A View from the Parkway  just needs to be quilted.  Oh, and Shirley has it featured on the Learning fiber arts group page.

The first project from the Art Quilt Workbook is almost done too. Ancient Ruins, remember?   The goal was perspective using at least one technique.   I used color value and a bit of over-lapping.   I decided to only use a border on 2 sides, and I think it helps push the perspective.   I used raw edge applique with straight stitching, and the sky fabric is a hand painted piece I did last summer.  Actually, I did  not paint, but splattered and misted with water.    Now to read the next chaper and figure out what to do next!

Just a final tease.....Spring has to be coming.  Another crocus  head popped up today.  And there is lots of yard work to be done.   I am ready and looking forward to it.  Happy stitching.


  1. I think the inset was a good idea. Your finished landscape is very peaceful looking - lovely.

    Your 'Ancient Ruins' is very striking. I enjoy rugged rocky subjects. I think the fabrics you used really work well together and I like the technique you used for the sky.

  2. Thanks for the comments. This is unknown territory for me, so encouragement is welcomed.

  3. Doing the fillet inset was a very good idea. The landscape is lovely and I like the ruins.


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