Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Irish Landscape class

This is from the on-line class for the Irish landscape....only I did a view from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  A very easy way to create a landscape, just by using strips, a lot of stitches, and some yarn/fibers.  Selecting the right color and value took all the time.  The strips are sewn to a foundation and then stitched some more. 
I have been down with a stomach virus and didn't get much done yesterday.  I picked out the border fabric  this morning and hope to get it added today.  The border is added in a different way--as a whole piece rather than in strips.  Will see how I like doing  borders that way.  It could be a good way to finish off the art quilts.

1 comment:

juanita said...

I love the way the hills fade into the distance and using yarn fibres is a neat way to add shape. I'll be interested in seeing how you do the borders. Keep us posted.

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