Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doesn't this look like a waterfall?

The creeping phlox is blooming all over the yard.  This patch is creeping down the slope from the back path under the bird feeder.  Viewing it from the deck, it  looks like a waterfall to me.  I started with about 3 sprigs of it from my daughter's yard about 4 years ago.  Now I have it everywhere.  Only wish the blooms lasted all spring and summer. 
 And one more shot I could not resist of the clematis by the shed.  I don't remember the exact name, but it is a beauty this year.  The purple blooms are to die for and it is loaded with them.   
I  cut back one of the rosemary bushes that had a couple of branches  leaning too far out.  So I harvested the leaves and washed and chopped them up.  It's time to make rosemary sea salt bread!  We planted a couple of seedling trees we were given and a Carolina orchid from my friend, Ilse.  Hope it likes its new home.
I added a new page on labeling your quilts and updated the page on designing a watercolor wall hanging.  It's been a busy day.
May all your weeds by wild flowers.


Carol said...

I love creeping phlox and have a couple different colors in my back yard. Your "waterfall" of flowers looks lovely.

Cheryl said...

Oh this is beautiful !! Yes I see the waterfall look too . Mom would love this! The purple flowers are beautiful too.

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