Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quilting the French Braid

The quilting is done!  Thank goodness  for Isacord thread...especially on all batiks.  I used a free motion pattern, but inspired by the Carolina Jasmine that is beginning to bloom by the shop.  I was out there earlier this week untwisting the curls and trying to get the tendrils to cover the fence I am using as a trellis.  Inspiration!  So when I began to quilt the french braid, I used a twisting vine and lots of curls.   I don't mark my quilt tops, as I can't seem to follow the lines.  My brain must be  mis-wired to my eyes and hands.  Anyway, I just seem to do better winging it free hand.
So here are a couple of close up photos of the quilting in the braid area.  

 For the plain border I used a simple loop and curl that looks like a lasso to me.  It's a great filler and stitches up quickly.  And if you have any fullness--never admit it--this loop and curl is an easy way to hide/disguise/take it in!    So I will be squaring it up and sewing on the binding tomorrow, I hope.       I went to the Greenville guild's quilt show on Friday.  Always see great quilts and get motivation at a quilt show.   And visited the vendors.....bad girl.  But here is the rationalization....I needed 3 reds---the right reds---to do the poppies for the watercolor on the design wall.  So, I only bought 3 reds of  fabric.  And some thread, and a couple of books.  Like one quilter I met said, "Thread is easy to hide!"   
 Till next time, happy stitching.

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