Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working on the Jewel Box Quilt

Part of the jewel box quilt is now up on the design wall, and I am beginning to sew the rows together.  I really the like the brights and a few darks too, set against the black background.  I didn't do any planning on this one......just used what came next in the stack.  I thought I would use up more scraps in this one....but I still have way too many scraps.  Never fear, I have lots more scrap quilt patterns to make.
We had a short afternoon bee today, and Suzanne shared an new technique (at least to me) for photo transfer using Citra solv.  It is a cleaning product that dissolves the toner ink---toner based ink rather than an inkjet--- from copies onto the fabric.  There are details and photos on their website.  Very easy and I think it might be an interesting technique to use in the art quilt projects to create a different background fabric from photos.  Maybe even for the collage project I am staring at.........will see.

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