Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I saw a moose

Before returning to Anchorage for the flight home, we visited the Reindeer Farm outside of Palmer.  There was a moose, and a musk ox and  Eddie, the elk.  He  was quite friendly and followed Trey wanting attention.  Luckily they only have lower teeth in the front, so it was safe to feed him.  The reindeer were very forward....they knew it was free food when people came in.  What we didn't realize was that reindeer and caribou are the same animal.  Caribou are wild and reindeer are domesticated.  Their antlers are covered with a soft velvet fuzz.  It is very sensitive and we were asked not to touch it.  Antlers can grow up to 6 inches a day, and each year the animals loose their antlers and grow new ones.  Guess that explains this pile of antlers.

We stopped in Eagle River at a nice yarn shop where Deana picked up Alaskan dyed sock yarn.  Then we went to Earthquake Park at the edge of the city.  In 1964, the strongest earthquake struck Alaska.  In that area the ground dropped over 30 feet and slid into the, people, and everything else.  There were photos too of the extensive damage done to the city. 
Trey wanted one more piece of pie from a small bakery he discovered downtown.  So we did some final shopping and he got his pie.  This last photo is one of the colorful moose on the outside of the bakery.  Looks like inspiration for a art quilt.   Anyway, 14 hours later I was home having sweet tea and ready for sleep.   Thanks for sharing my blogging  of Alaska memories.   If you ever get the opportunity to visit Alaska, go.  It is a trip worth the effort to get there.        I'm off to practice thread painting and begin a design for the online class.  Happy Stitching.


Carol said...

Aawwww they look so sweet. I did not know they lost their antlers every season. That's a lot of fast growing every year.

juanita said...

Thanks so much for sharing details and photos of your visit with us. It's been great reading and it's definitely on my travel list.

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