Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday= art quilt project

I have been wanting to try the curved piecing and that is part of this month's Art Quilt Workbook---innovative piecing.  So I drew off the moose and pulled out the fabrics for the background.  I chose 2 blue fabrics for the background, and a blue-green for the ground.  I couldn't have the moose walking in air!  First exercise is using curved piecing.  With the curved piecing method described in the book, you can end up with 2 blocks with the opposite color placement.  This is the one I liked best because the light seems to shining on him.  He will eventually become part of a Alaska travel quilt.  I absolutely love him....our purple moose.
I have an idea for the other exercise that uses insert strips, so that will be next week's project.  But for the theme project, I am at a loss right now as to what I will use.  Hope inspiration hits soon. 
InsightCurved piecing---gentle curves--are not hard to do.  And I can draw a moose!
Happy Stitching...


  1. Good choice to put the moose on the ground and not walking in the air. On the other hand, a moose that could walk on air ... awesome.


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