Thursday, May 13, 2010

North to Alaska

The bags are packed, including chocolate.  We decided to take the computer, so maybe I will be able to post a few photos.  I spent the afternoon working on some thread painting.  I finished the daisies and tried a couple cosmos blooms.  They need practice. And I need more shades of thread, not just a light and then something close to it.  They do have thread in Alaska, so.........!   For inspiration I took a quick tour of the garden late today.  My favorite iris is blooming right now.  It is such beauty and really is that color.  I just had to capture it since it may be done by the time we get back.   Happy stitching.


  1. Hello, I voted for your quilt, loved your blog and now I am a follower.Good luck, hugs from France.

  2. Great! Glad someone found it. I am in Alaska right now and forgot to post about entering it in the virtual contest. And glad to meet youBea.


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