Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thread painting--a little

I finished up a bit of thread painting yesterday on some flowers.  The top ones are suppose to be cosmos---the leaves are better than the flowers.  The second one is yellow rudbeckias and they turned out better.  While in Alaska, I picked up several spools of embroidery  thread that I found on sale.  I got several shades of yellow and red and some purples to try some more flowers.  With the thread painting you  need the variety in shades.   I will probably use one group on my next art quilt project exercise.  The next chapter is creative piecing....curved piecing, wonky piecing, and using inset strips.  I used the wonky piecing on my last watercolor with the poppies.  So I plan to experiment with the curved techniques to create the background. 
  And then there is the moose.  I keep thinking about the photo of the purple moose on the side of the bakery.  He is painted to look like fabric to me.  So he will probably pop up on one of the art quilt exercises.  I also sketched a couple of layouts for a quilt of Alaska travel memories.  There are several photos that really inspire me to turn them into  fabric and thread painting and maybe a watercolor block of the mountains. 
Last night I cut strips and blocks for the blooming 9 patch and started sewing the strips.   So I can balance my stash report.  Used (cut up)---3 yards    Bought (last week) 3 1/2 yards.  Looks like I'm in the hole! 

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