Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did I mention thread?

Vibrant, beautiful colors of thread.....the box full for $5 at the end of the sale!  Large spools and small spools, mainly 30 wt. embroidery threads.  I think it was just meant for me and  thread painting.  I did not win the thread basket drawing, but I came home with a stash of thread.

And one more from the show......
This black and white quilt is done in the blooming nine patch pattern and is very striking....the photo does not do it justice.  Carol did an outstanding job in using the values of the black and white prints by basing her choices on the amount of black in the background of each fabric.  The fabrics with the least amount of black and having a white background became her light values.    She blended the values from light to medium to dark, and then repeated the arrangement to get the radiant effect.  She finished with a narrow inset strip in lime green to separate the dark border.  I get emails about the blooming nine patch and this is a great example to study. 
 A quick word about her layout...this blooming 9 patch is not set on point.  It  is a straight setting and ends up in a "barn raising style" setting.  The 9 patch blocks are alternated with a plain block to achieve the blending from one  fabric to the other. 
Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

I think this one is from the newest book which doesn't have them on point. This is a great selection of black and whites, a lot of them the modern and larger prints. It is outstanding.

Shelia said...

Hey girl,
Congrats on the bundle of thread from the show. I bought tons of thread from the YLI booth while there, guess I was looking at it too long while working the booth. Oh well, I will enjoy using all of the thread.

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