Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ravin' on Cassie

Yahoo!!!  Cassie did this watercolor scene for our guild challenge and won 1st place  for theme!  I was so excited for her. 
The challenge was "Circles of Creativity".  We were given a circle of fabric as our inspiration---color or subject matter--and had to use the circle on the front or back and explain how it inspired us. 
Cassie culled her stash and then her mom's to find the right fabrics and colors.  And boy, she did a wonderful job.  Appliqueing the circle with the koi on it in the light area of water and the other circle with the butterfly above  was a great idea.  I love the tree and the tiny blossoms she used to complete the scene.  Balance, light source, drama in the black border, and movement .......she got all the elements in this small piece.  Her first watercolor and it's a winner. 
I may have inspired her, but she motivates me a lot. 
I know she reads this blog, so leave a comment to congratulate her.   Great job, Cassie.
Our quilt show is this weekend....long day today.  Came home with lots of goodies, including a great tote, books, magazines (at 25 cents--who could resist?), and THREAD!  More details and photos in a couple days.  Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

I can see why it won first place, it's really great. Not everyone understands colorwash but she sure gets it. Congratulations, Cassie!

Carol said...

You've always been incredible with your color choices, but you have outdone yourself with this little quilt! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but you have become much better than me & I am so proud of you! Now you know why I put your quilts in quilt shows, I always knew you were a winner!!!
Luv ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, Cassie! I love the binding especially with the black border.

Elizabeth said...

This is really beautiful! I hope that I can see it up close one day. You have great talent (like your mom). Liz

Patchwork Paws said...

Debbie, Thank you for your 'rave'and all the comments from everyone, it means alot.I learn something almost everytime I read your blog.You inspire many!!! ~ Cassie

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