Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The word for 2010 is Inspiration!

Wow, 2010 is almost gone.  Exactly where did the year go?  I have been looking back over my posts from this past year, kind of just reliving the high points, and especially noting my "insights".  They really give me a focus on things that happened. 
   I think the word for 2010 is Inspiration.    I jumped into the world of art quilts and completed the Art Quilt Workbook---which I loved!  I realized how important inspiration is, that it comes when you least expect it, and it gives me the power boost I need to finish a project.  I am inspired by people I love, places I visit, songs I hear, by just about anything around me really.  I now keep a note book of inspiration ideas  and a file for photos. 
  Alaska was the biggest inspiration this year.  A wonderful trip that was filled with memories and inspired the moose quilt.  It hangs in a special spot where I can view it every day.  I love the colors and all the techniques I tried--even the applique.  I also learned to have a plan B----because I ran out of fabric and was unable to do the original layout.  The solution was to use a blended braid for the border.  
   Drawing all the patterns for the moose quilt gave me a lot of confidence to venture out of my comfort zone.  I created my own patterns for the five thread painted motifs I used on the watercolor backgrounds.....Evening Serenade, Renewal, Persistence, Remembrance, and Hope.

And then I tried landscapes....Accidental Landscapes was the book that hooked me.
So far I've only tried small ones....but I think I will expand and maybe try a larger one this next year. 
What else to remember from 2010?    I've lost count of the quilts/wall hangings I made and gave to others and charities.  I lost a very dear friend, began teaching Emily to sew, taught classes and taken classes and---one of the best  things--- got to visit with Pat and remember our "youth".  And lots of time with Remy, a huge blessing in our lives.  And new friends in blogland...thanks for everyone's encouragement and comments....I really appreciate them.   
  Well, I am full of smiles right now.  I think I will tackle pinning the bow tie top, and make a few plans for 2011.   


  1. Debbie , Looking at your watercolor quilts you did this year has inspired me to start thinking about making another one.
    I love how you did the thread painting over them.
    Hope you do many more and have Happy New Year !!

  2. I think inspiration is a good word for any and every year! Here's hoping you continue to find it in 2011.


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