Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journal Quilt #4

Journal Quilt Challenge #4:   Strip scraps, thread painting, and sketched idea....this one uses them all.  Inspiration was a few shells I picked up last spring at Daytona Beach--an old haunt from years ago--when Russ and I stopped on our way to Orlando. 
  The tiny shell I sketched from had a few bluish streaks and a lightly shaded blue area that I tried to capture with the thread painting.  I used 5 different colors of thread on this--base color is light tan, filled in with darker tan, dark blue, light blue and grey. 
  When I was piecing the beige and tan strips for the background, I spotted the dark blue swirled strip in the scrap box.  I added it for interest and contrast...and threw none of it away.   The small strips were added raw edge style.  And I tacked on a couple of sea shells, too. 
 And the odd shape....that's what I sketched for some reason.  Most likely it is because I can't draw a straight line.  It works for me and reminds me of the curved edge of the water on the sand. 
No binding on this one either....and I claimed to prefer binding on the edge?  It was just easier--lazy me--to do it envelope style then edge stitch where I could and quilt it.  I did put the corner triangles for hanging on the back before stitching the thing together.   I just avoided the upper corners when quilting. 
  InsightNecessity is the mother of invention----the odd contraption to use the thread on a bobbin.
                Odd shapes convey movement.   I need to use more curves.
     I am very glad I decided to jump into this challenge.....but I am running out of wall space!
 Happy stitching. 



Carol said...

I like the artistic shaping to the edge :) Very pretty piece.

Exuberant Color said...

The thread painting on the seashell is wonderful.

You can always display the journal quilts in a basket on a side table. they would be great conversation pieces.

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