Monday, February 28, 2011

Journal project --curved seam

 After cleaning up the sewing area...again...I found a piece of fabric I had forgotten about--the turquoise curls and swirls.  Love the color and pattern, so I decided to use it for a journal project.  Originally, I said I would try new techniques, and one of those being curves.  So I had fabric and intention, or at least one fabric. 

  Design/creative process.....
    I found a scrap of fabric that gave me the second color. It's the piece on the right with circles on it.   The palette is not one I would have ever thought of using.  But onward to curved seam and random scraps.    This first arrangement is kind of boring.    I felt it was too regular and lacked movement.  I kept trying to find me in this and it just wasn't happening.
     I turned it the other way, and hacked off part of the top  of the whole thing and added it to the side.   Better, but still more.
     So I decided to add the original fabric to the bottom in a curve too. more change.  The bottom became the top and I was happier with it.  Decorative stitches, a little quilting, and it is done. 

 What did I learn
   While it is not a great collage, I did  follow my gut instinct and managed a better result.  It's different, a little odd, but  oh, well, I'll show it anyway.
 What it says about me....I love the high contrast in colors,  the swirl pattern, and I had to throw in a couple of flowers and vines.
    The curved piecing is easier than I first thought.  I used 2 different types...the first was a joined seam.  Two pieces of fabric over lapped to approximate desired size.  Then draw/cut a gentle curve through both pieces in the over lapped area.  Join the matching halves or pieces of the 2 slowly and don't stretch them.  Press and it looks great!
For  the second one I used the extra piece from the first cirve cut.  The edge was pressed under and top stitched down.  I know I cheated on that part. 
Happy stitching.

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