Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching up

     It's Friday already and I am way behind.  No journal quilt this week even.  The weather has been beautiful for a few days and we had a few plants to get in the garden.  Ilse gave us several camellia seedlings, larkspurs, and a magnolia tree--about 4 foot tall.  I still need to spread some mulch, too.   Then there were all the "family" things that needed getting Justin's announcements ordered,  Dan's move, and such.  Looks like we will be storing some furniture for a while, especially Mom's dining table.  None of us want to part with it, and yet we don't have room for it now.  Too many family memories associated with that table to let it go.
   I spent several evenings working on the prairie points for the big quilt.   I had planned to attach the unfinished points to the outer border and then face it when finished with the quilting.  I could not make the math work out for the size of triangles to I looked for a plan B.  I finally admitted  I would have to use finished points  that I could space as needed.   That meant cutting small batting triangles to fit the folded and stitched triangles I had  plus some more. 
   Then to begin the quilting.... because this one is so large, I decided to stablize it beyond the pinning.   I  stitched  it with wash away basting thread up and across the center.   Then bunched it up for free motion quilting using an all over swirl.  Bit by bit, I will get this done.
Happy stitching.

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