Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finishing the Batiks

 I promised a photo when I finished the batik quilt of Drunkard Path and NY Beauty blocks....the "not a jacket quilt".   So before the temperatures soar into the high 90's today, I took a few photos outside.
  I love the central light source in this and all the movement in the pattern and the colors.  This one is named "Free My Spirit"....to reflect on the discovery that I am a square motivated by spiral.   I could probably say get out of my box and most people would understand,  but I like  imagery.

  It wasn't a hard decision in planning the quilting.  It was a no brainer for .....spirals.  I practiced on paper for a bit to get the open spiral for this one.   Actually, a lot of pencil practice.  I needed the design firmly planted in my mind and hands.  I wanted a more open quilting, not as close as I often do.  Here are a couple of back views and a front view of the spiral quilting. 


 A tip to stitching the spiral pattern.... begin the curve to the left if your open area to fill in is to the right.  If the area to fill in is to the left, begin the spiral to the right.  You curve to the right, and return to left and move into the open area.    Again, practice on paper to understand the movement. 
   Confession time again.....I ended up using 3 different colors of thread on the quilting.  I used Isacord thread, and I am zipping along doing the spiral dance and oops, no more thread!  No problem,  I thought the "oyster" color matched "cloud" well enough.  And when I got to the very last corner....out of thread again.  So I finished off with a very light blue.  Just saying, it's not perfect, but it is me.  And  I will be ordering the larger spools this time. 
   I have to finish up the label and make a sleeve, and this one will be done.
   Our weather went from early May to mid-July, or so it seems.  The heat and humidity are awful right now and will be staying around for a while.  So I am retreating to the sewing room  to make more bias stems and  blocks for the String Me Along quilt.  Will I ever use up these strip scraps?
Happy stitching. 


Lynne said...

That is a very beautiful quilt, Debbie.

Bec said...

What a gorgeous Quilt Debbie, Thank you for linking up.. the quilting looks perfect! xx great design xx Bec

Michelle said...

Hi Debbie! Love your quilt. I am currently working on a quilt made w/batiks. Having a hard time FMQ. The tension seems right, good quality thread...I'm thinking it might be the type of needle I'm using. Any recommendations???

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