Friday, May 6, 2011

Mug rugs as small journal quilts

Instead of a journal quilt, here is  a collection of mug rugs as small journal quilts.    I am just finishing up a Bible study group and  I wanted to make a small gift for each gal in my group. 
  I printed the focus verse on Printed Treasures and chose a focal fabric for each rug.  Then I  dug through the scrap boxes for fabrics in colors of  the  focal print to complete.   It sounds easier than it was for me---I am not good at one or two color fabric schemes.  I also was trying to balance scale of print and mood of fabric.   I didn't use binding to finish  the edge; I just stitched and turned right side out.

  Of course, the cardinal one is my favorite...just because.  But this one is a close second.....the colors just went together so well and it seems so serene.  I did not expect to like it so much. 
    I got to use up a lot of strips--one of my goals for journals---but not enough.  I ran across a pattern in a magazine from several months ago that I think I will work on this summer.  It uses lots and lots of scraps....I will probably stick with the general layout, but adapt the construction to use short lengths and longer strips to try and make a serious dent in this stash.  Sorry to "string you along" with no more details, but I can't get side tracked until I get the DP/NY beauty batik quilt done. 
  Happy Mother's Day to all; enjoy it.
Happy stitching,

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Shelia said...

These are beautiful, your bible study girls will love them.

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