Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boogie Woogie Star

  Journal quilt time again.....I snuck in an extra book on Russ's Amazon order last week.  Quilting by Improvisation by Vikki Pignatelli was discounted and called to me.  After reading through it, I wanted to try her curved technique for My Star Dances.  
  No fusing here, just freezer paper and I used the Lapel Stick rather than stitch witchery that she uses.  I like that she works from the front rather than in reverse.   The lapel stick did work great with no gumming up on the needle and dries very quickly.  I did not get all the curves smooth as I wanted....very stiff fingers today, and trying to avoid getting burned.  Then all the edges are stitched down from the front and I used a button hole stitch on this one.  I followed her advise on fabric selection---batiks with little printed pattern, and strong contrast for the star. 
  I named my version Boogie Woogie Star.  For some reason it reminds me of Saturday Night Fever and John T as he dances!  It must be the heat dome we are does things to your mind. 
    Anyway, the journal quilt was a nice break before I get to quilting the cobblestones quilt.   Stay cool, everyone.  Happy stitching.

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