Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heads Up

Update to the cobblestones on the design wall:
I added a border to the leftover cobblestone blocks....except at the bottom.  I'll add that after the applique.  I wanted the border to focus the light source. I used several strips joined on the diagonal to get the effect I wanted.  The diagonals just seems to naturally move the eye to the center.  The bottom will be dark, like the bottom piece on the sides.  Sometimes, I get lucky and love how it turns out!
   I promised applique.....machine applique,  of course.  The subject has to reflect the heat we are enduring this summer.  It's back  for at least another week of high 90's. Very little can withstand the temps that we are having.  A few cosmos and cone flowers are surviving it.  I have some late season day lilies that are dark red, and small this year.  So I took some artistic license with them for my applique.

A marathon session of fusing and the daylilies are seeking the light source.  I used steam a seam 2 for the fusible on this one.  It has a tacky/sticky feel to the pieces and makes it easy to move the appliques around to determine placement.  And it really sticks!  Be sure of position before fusing.
  I had a rough sketch I was working from, but the placement never seems to match my sketch--no matter what I do.  And right now I am debating on adding some extra stems or adding buds to a couple of the long stems.   And then lots of stitching and some thread painting.....the fun part!
  Remember to get your browser updated....blogger is going to be up graded tomorrow.  And the Wantobe a quilter giveaway begins August 1.....don't miss out. Click the sidebar button for details.
Happy stitching.


Lynne said...

Oh wow! That is just lovely Debbie.
And I foolishly thought piecing blocks was all that there would be to that quilt - how wrong I was!

Mary said...

This is going to be lovely. I like the technique of using diagonals on the border color transitions.

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