Monday, October 24, 2011


  After all the packing, my brother and the packed truck are off,  the renters are in, and all the extra bags and such have been dropped off at the donation center.  I got thru one closet---4 bags of clothing donated, and one cabinet cleared out of all kinds of junk.  A day full of errands and I need to relax.
  The best way I know to de-stress is  machiner's gloves on, new needle, and a sandwich to quilt....then go for it!  An hour and a half later, I come up for air.   See the dish full of pins ---I'm half way done!
  This is the bargello that has been sitting and waiting for a couple of weeks.  I'm using an all over swirl ---my favorite.  It goes fast and seems to blend everything well. 
  I picked up a couple of different types of stablizer a couple of weeks ago  for thread painting.  I plan on some practice pieces to see which one I like  best.   I feel the need for some smaller projects for a while. 
Happy stitching.


  1. Do you always use a new needle on each project? What kind do you use? I'm new to quilting.

  2. You would have to be quite experience to find FMQ relaxing! I still find it quite stressful!

  3. Glad all the moving/destash stuff is behind you.... and it's always a good thing to spend some quality time at the machine... relax, refresh, renew!

  4. Your swirls are really pretty. Congratulations on getting that moving project behind you.

  5. Ah, I bet it feels great, after all that stress, to be sitting in front of the machine once again! I think it's so important/therapeutic for our brains to settle in on just that one thing, once in a while! The swirls look great!


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