Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A quilt tale #4

I love blue and white/tan quilts and this one caught my eye during the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  I read the story, noted the label she made ----and you know I am a stickler for labels----and asked to share this as a "quilt tale".    The story begins:

   This lovely quilt uses two alternating blocks of broken dishes and the snowball block.  Scraps in shades of blue from light to dark were used .  It was especially made for the quilter's step-father, a veteran  who served in the Korean War.  
    "This quilt hung in a Veteran's Day 2006 quilt show before it went on to it's final home. For reasons I am
not clear on, it was hung upside down.......I made a label with photos of him in the service & more recently fishing & a blurb of how he spent his time, specifically building quonset huts during the Korean War. I don't usually go in for such elaborate labels, but this was a special case. "

It was made by Marybeth at Useless Ranch,  click for the original post.  Marybeth explained that this photo is the only photo she has and it was snapped as the show was being taken down.  She spent the entire time at the show...."wait for it....teaching people how to do documentation for museums and historical societies".   She says she would have flunked her own workshop :)
       The moral of this quilt tale:   Take photos of your quilts, whether you keep them or give them away.  Documentation is important, and memories are priceless.   
Thank you, Mary Beth,  for allowing me to share your quilt tale as a reminder to all of us--me too--to document and take photos. 
  I love quilt stories and I'm still collecting them.  If you read a good one, let me know or send me the link. 
Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

So true, I have so many regrets about not taking pictures of the first quilts I made. They weren't anything great but they were the beginning of this journey.

Impera_Magna said...

I was cautioned from the get-go to take photos of any quilts I made... and so I did. I need to print out hard copies and put them in an album...

Love that blue and white quilt... just beautiful!

Eileen said...

Isn't that the way it always goes--you know what to do, but neglect to do it? I have been very good about taking pictures of all I sew, but I'm missing some from a few years ago. I know I took them, I just can't find them. Probably on a disc somewhere.
When I put on a label, I usually put it on the lower right as you look at the back side of the quilt, with the bottom of the words toward the edge. I see she has the label with the top of the words to the edge. Is that the way most people do it?
I realize there are no quilt police to come get me if I'm doing it 'wrong', just curious.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

This is a great reminder. I used to keep a scrapbook of my quilts, incl a pic or two as they were being made. I think it's been several years since I've updated it!

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