Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reporting from the workroom

  Day 7..................This is the final assembly set up in the workroom in South Carolina.  Doll quilts ready to quilt, doll quilts sandwiched and ready to stitch, stack of backing pieced, stack of batting ready to go. 
   I met Mrs. Claus from Greer and added her 2 cradle quilts to the growing stack.
  Then the mail arrived and  Mrs. Claus in Ohio sent in 10 tops for the project. 
Visit Mrs. Claus at The Morning Latte and see her wonky stars!  So cute.
Then drop in to see Mrs. Claus in Utah at The Rogue Quilter

It was like Christmas here when I opened the box from Mrs. Claus in NC  a couple of days ago.  She included some backings and batting and the nicest note with the 12 tops. 
  Please visit  these Mrs. Clauses and leave them a comment, say thank get the idea. 

 And one more reported via email from Quiltnanny on the HGTV cute and colorful.  I can't stop saying thank you.

The stack is growing.

Did you 7.  Only one week  Yes, so much response and help coming in....I do believe we are going to accomplish this!!!
Two more Mrs. Claus signed up this morning......I will update as things arrive.  Thank you to all for the help.
Back to stitching.


Impera_Magna said...

So exciting to see this project coming together... and in so short a time! Hope you are holding up with all the sewing going on at your Mrs. Claus' quilting studio!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...


Lynne said...

The Lord hears and answers!

Thanks for giving me the links to visit each Mrs Claus.

Janet O. said...

So happy to be able to participate. Glad you are getting your sleigh filled!! : )

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