Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bring on the new year!

  2011 in review......I began doing journal quilts to explore new techniques, I tried a few small landscapes, and tackled curves, and fell in love the the easy bargello technique.  I made a graduation quilt and one for a wedding gift, and found my comfort zone for machine applique.  Wow, 2011 was a great adventure and I proclaim it the year of exploration for me.  Why did I wait so long to try some of these things? 
Free My Spirit:batiks and curves;  bargello;  Higher Hope: scrap braid: art project and a landscape
Vertical strip quilt;  Cobblestone Lane: batik scraps; landscapes; 
Heads Up: watercolor with applique; graduation quilt
String me Along: scraps and applique; Coming and Going: watercolor art quilt; 
English Window: watercolor;
art projects;  Summer of Love: scrap quilt a la Bonnie Hunter; My bargello

   I don't do resolutions.  I won't stick to them.  I know that much about myself.  Instead, I review  my insights from the last year and hopefully learn a thing or two.  From 2011, my best insights to me.....
  •  Be inspired to find your own way.
  •  Step back and look at things a second time. They just might look different a few days later. If not, leave it on the design board or find the trash can.
  •   Give a UFO a face lift, or  a re-do.  
  •   Free motion quilting is like a signature.
  •  Not every thing turns out the way it was begun. Live with it and learn. A good life lesson in this small project.
  • Fabric is expensive. Leftover blocks and strings = $. Find a reason or way to use them. Somehow... that means I saved money!
  •  Some things are to be enjoyed from a distance. The true worth and beauty lies beneath the surface. So stitch some Heart into your quilts and don't take things too seriously.
  •  Seeing someone I love snuggled under a quilt I made for them, just priceless.
  •  Exercise the body, relax the mind, release creativity!
  •  If you see a need in your community, step up and offer to help. When others ask for help, lend a hand. And when you need help, ask for it. You might find that Mrs. Claus lives near you.
 2012 FMQ Challenge Badge copy So what's in store for next year?   I have gone through my inspiration and ideas files from magazines---and added a few more pages.  I ran across things that I set aside to work on for this next year.  I put these into a separate folder to keep by my work area just in case I need motivation.  I am also renewing the process pledge to myself and to you to share how and what I do.  
  •  I signed up for the Free Motion Challenge at Sewcalgal .  12 different each month to share their at your own pace.  I need to get some practice batts together.
  • More color talk on the way.  I am working on a guest post on chosing a color scheme.  Wish me luck with this one.
  • Watercolor wall hangings......I have a couple of ideas to explore, and several new packs of fusible intrfacing to work with.  Now if I can just find a bit more wall space to hang them on.
  • At least one scrap quilt I have promised to make.  I have an inspiration...and lots of new fabric.
  • T-shirt quilts.....Justin left me 2 huge piles of  T- shirts to work!
  • Doll quilts....of course.  One for every project I complete.
  • Ideas and a list made for gifts for next year.  
I think that's enough to get me rolling.  So, what do you have planned?
Happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

I have a press for when you are ready to tackle the stablizing of those T-shirts. Let me know and I will bring it over.


Janet O. said...

I don't do resolutions either. I like the "review what you have learned" method. Great idea!
I plan to work on quilts that I feel like working on, and when I need a gift quilt I will have a deadline to motivate me. : )
I do plan to learn a new technique or two with classes at the LQS, and improve upon my FMQ skills. Maybe I need to check out that challenge you mentioned. Thanks!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Quite the accomplishments for this past year! That must give a great feeling. :o) Personally, I love resolutions but you're insights are just as good and inspiring. I, too, plan on taking the Free Motion Quilting Challenge. I haven't made my list but I know that 2012 will be a year of learning for me. The machine quilting and knitting classes will be my priorities, and with those, I plan on having more hand-made gifts than ever by next Christmas! I also want to start a small web page/blog open only to family/friends offering handmade items at a minimal cost--a little like a "private etsy". Not so much to make a profit, but to give the option of purchasing something a little more special for gifts rather than just hitting the store. I love to buy from local artisans and want to give that option to others. So many of my family have expressed an interest in buying what I make that I thought I'd try it out.
Here's to a wonderful new year for all!

Kathleen said...

I don't do resolutions, I like to learn something new each year. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great New Year.

juanita said...

Wow Debbie! You have accomplished so much this year. It all looks so beautiful. You don't make resolutions but I like the way you invite new ideas and challenges into your life and try them out over the year. You inspire me!

So these are my quilting challenges for the new year. Finish up pieces for my exhibition. Find some shows and other opportunities to exhibit. Work on a quilting book using Blurb(online self-publishing). I started it two days ago. Lastly, I am purchasing a sewing machine and intend to learn how to use it for quilting (since I do only hand work). Thanks for getting us to reflect. Happy New Year!

Pattilou said...

Thoughtful review and insights. I like that you'll do doll quilts also, as I loved the project you contributed to. I'll be watching for the watercolor wall hangings!

Nicki said...

Debbie you are such an inspiration to me. I'm blown away by all you've done in 2011 & what your plans are for 2012. I've signed up for the FM Challenge & really want to learn to FM quilt. Of course the doll quilts are top on my list. I'm going to really try to manage my time better in 2012 so I don't waste so much of it doing "nothing".

Happy New Year to each & everyone of you!!!

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