Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I must have been good because

...because the birthday angels arrived with  sewing items in tow.    There's so much fabric here, that I think I should put it under the tree and pretend I didn't open it!  OK, I didn't need it, but it was on sale and the colors are glorious and the prints were fabulous.....I am making excuses for the excess.  I did sew up a lot of strip scraps I can make more.  Thank you fabric angel!

  And the woodworking angel did not forget me either.  I got thread spindles!  Do you think he was inspired by the knitter?  Or maybe he was just tired of hearing me fume when the large cone would not fit on my machine, and sitting on the table it would dance its way off onto the floor.  I had tried the tall plastic spool holder----a total waste of $----because they are too light weight and flimsy. The cones are too large for a mug or jar, so I was forever complaining.  I do believe he solved my problem.  

 HGTV Quilting Forum  update.....all but 2 states are committed to for the doll quilts for 2012!  What a very special gift today to read that.  One third of the project is covered before the new year starts.  I finished up one top yesterday while sewing strips and strings for a coin quilt.  So I know I have 51!  Thank you, quilting angels at HGTV Forum.
  The bread is rising and I need to grate the cheeses....happy stitching.


  1. We always need variety in our stash so the birthday angels were right to bring you some fabric. Hope you had a great birthday!

    You may have to build on a storeroom for the doll quilts! Isn't it great to know you are prepared for next year?

  2. Fun fabric from birthday angels!
    So, does your husband sell his wonderful creations? I'd love one of those thread cones!! Or does he not want to go there?

  3. Lots of birthday goodies... and them are some cool spool holders!

    How wonderful that you've got commitments for doll quilts from 49 states! How cool that your endeavor has now spread across the country...

    *ho ho ho*

  4. Lovely fabric, fantastic spool holders. And the news about the doll quilts is a wonderful bonus! Wow!

  5. Happy Birthday Debbie!!!***!!!

    Your fabrics are so pretty & your spool holders are fabulous. I love woodwork projects & have wished all these years that I had taken woodworking in High School. You have a keeper of a DH there!

  6. Sounds like a great birthday all around! Happy birthday!


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