Thursday, December 22, 2011

Location, location

  Yesterday we cleaned, and cleaned, and then I tackled the sewing room.  Disarray is not a strong enough word, it was a disaster zone.  Books and fabric, batting scraps and fusing scraps......enough already. I want to start off the new year with an organized area, so I don't spend --make that waste---time looking for something I need.  I need the energy for creativity.
Now all the books, magazines, sketch books, and printed patterns and ideas are in one location.  That means you won't be tripping over a stack of  books on the way to the stash closet.

I moved the small stand with the thread all the thread is in one location, and by the machine where it is used.  That makes more sense than having to trip over the stack of books to find the right bin on a shelf.
I am sensing a pattern here.....location, location, location.  Works in real estate, I think it's a good idea for the sewing room.

    Then there was the stash closet that I re-did last spring.  It really just needed a bit of straightening up.    I tried the "push on the walls" to break free---like in the TV commercial.  Take my word, it doesn't work like that in the real world, so I used a crowbar to wedge in the new fabric I bought. 

   But there was a serendipity.....I found a really neat piece of  fabric that I had acquired for free.  Not cotton, but a challis print.  I love the swirly, loopy print.  It is a great inspiration print for quilting.  I think I will keep a piece handy and practice sketching it.
  Anyway, I had another sort of inspiration too.   I turned it into a 15 minute project for a "me" gift.  A long drapey scarf with bias ends.  I cut a piece about 72" long and 18" wide, folded it in half, cut the ends on an angle, stitched, turned, pressed and stitched the edges.  Done!
  My family begins to arrive tomorrow, and I will be baking apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake.  I am right on schedule.....happy stitching.


Lynne said...

Our continual wet weather hasn't inspired me at all! I want to wash curtains and windows but how am I supposed to get them dry (we line dry)? I guess our Christmas decorations will have to be put up over dirty curtains and windows!

Good on you for ending the year by sorting and tidying - well done. Have a great time with your family.

And, please, what is pumpkin cheesecake?

Janet O. said...

Good job organizing. Today as I was shopping with my son I saw a shelf unit on sale that I would like to move into my sewing room, but I didn't have the $80 to spend on me.
I wish I could truthfully utter those words, "I am right on schedule".
Good for you!!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Pretty on-schedule here, too--except I haven't done much baking but I kind of figure that's a good thing! Love getting the sewing room back in order--great way to start out the year. Looks like you're on the track to a good one! Merry Christmas!

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