Monday, December 26, 2011

A memory gift.....

    Do you know your love language?   A love language is what speaks the loudest to you and tells you that you are loved.  Some people need actual gifts, others need words of affection, or touch.    Mine is the gift of  quality  time and service, and that is the type of gifts  I prefer to give as well.  Guess that explains why I love to give quilts as gifts, and see Christmas dinner---lots of time and service there---as a gift to my family.
   So Sir Old Man and I came up with the idea of giving a special memory to Remy for Christmas.  He has a few small things to tear open, but we hope this one is what he will remember.  Remy loves to play with tools....drills and hammers, and we thought about a toy tool bench.  But plastic tools just don't hit the mark when you have Mom's cordless drill to figure out, and see all Dad's big tools.  But, what if you got to actually build  something and hold the drill and set in the screws, and actually work in the wood shop?  Now, this has possibilities, don't you think?
  The wood pieces are cut, the holes are pre-drilled, and Uncle Russ, his Dad, and big brother  will be the mentors in the shop.  I made up a picture card to go with the wood pieces.
  The afterward:    Unfortunately I am having trouble loading the photos  of Remy with the drill....just take my work for it, he put in all 16 screws and smeared/spread the glue in all the joints.   So much fun to watch his concentration as he worked.  I think the adults enjoyed it more than he did.....that's OK by me.!
I did manage to get 2 photos added.....see the intense concentration and hard work!

   So after all the gifts were opened, and the wrappings cleaned up, and dinner was shared,  I took a few moments to watch all my loved ones interact yesterday.  The moments that took my breath away.....that I will hold so close to my heart.
      Peter and Trey touching the blocks that their mother made which I turned into quilts for them.  I barely held back the tears as I watched.
      Deana hugging her yarn....."Strawberry Shortcake"  dyed sock yarn and then watching Trey be the yarn tree as she wound it into a ball later.
       My brother and Russ cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes.  A wonderful gift to me!
       Peter on the floor with Natalie as she learned to string the beads and make jewelry with them.
       Remy in Justin's lap playing Wi......Cars racing game.
       Jen figuring out......"You make all this food so they can take home leftovers."
Nothing like a family day to make you realize what matters the most in life.  The time we share together.


Terri said...

Love your card to remember the wonderful event. Even girls love to pound nails... we did while our parents built our house. I was 8, and your story reminded me... such a lovely memory. Thanks! (When you are old, everything reminds you of something!)

Lynne said...

Sounds wonderful. Watching my Older Grandson, nearly two, was the most wonderful experience over the Christmas period.

Janet O. said...

You had a blessed Christmas, Debbie!

Mary said...

What a wonderful experience to share with Remmy! I sure wish you could get the pictures to download. It sounds like you had a very special Christmas.

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