Friday, December 16, 2011

Yeasty aromas

  Fabulous aromas filled the kitchen yesterday as I pulled the cheese filled bread from the ovens.  I love that yeasty smell of fresh bread.  I wrapped some for the neighbors and then filled the freezer with the rest for next week---and one especially for nephew, Justin.  He does love bread.
  I used my basic herb bread recipe for the bread machine.  I make the dough in the machine---or rather the machine does it for me---then I divide the dough, pat it out and fill with a cheese blend and roll it up for the pans.  This year I used cheddar and Gouda. 

  The last item is crossed off the list---so I can breathe easier now.  That gives me a couple of days to sew a bit and get that fabric washed up and put away  before the family begins to arrive.   Today is a veteran's pinning and recognition ceremony at the nursing home where Russ' Dad is.  We pulled out his old photo albums of  WWII to take to share.  I hope he is having a good day and will enjoy it. 

  I created a flickr group  for Get Your Mrs Claus On photos .  I have a few photos up and will be adding to it.  Feel free to add your own photo of your doll quilt to it.   Those quilting angels at HGTV quilting forum are on a big roll already.  Every state is taken on their list!  And I heard the first one is on its awesome. 
Happy stitching.


  1. That bread looks so yummy! I know I can smell it--now I want a taste!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful gift! Love that smell too! In fact, I think I'll go put some in the machine right now for the kiddos! Haven't done ANY holiday baking yet but I hope to next week. :o)

  3. Looking at your picture made me hungry and I just had a huge lunch. Wonderful gift for the season.

  4. Send a whiff of that over here....oh...maybe not, I could gain weight off of the fabulous I should just go ahead and have a right over...don't free it all.

  5. That bread looks delicious! I, too, hope to get at some baking next week. Where does the time go?!

  6. I love the look of your bread & it must be delicious filled with cheese. Yum...I can almost taste it. I will do my baking this week-end & some candy making also. Bread machines are the best thing invented since peanut butter!

  7. I'm glad you can take time to relax at this busy time of year. Great news on the "Mrs Claus" project!


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