Monday, January 30, 2012


   I know I have been busy, but feel I have little to show for it.  Where did my quilt muse go?  Could be she is hiding under all those squares on the floor of the sewing room.  I keep getting sidetracked onto other things.  It is time to find some focus.
     While looking for inspiration, I ran across the book  Tile Quilt Revival  at Amazon.   The mosaic effect is very intriguing to me.  With my stash of floral fabrics, wonder how it would work?
  I tried a small technique needs a little work to get it spaced evenly---and not chop off vital edges!  Each piece is fused and machine appliqued with a buttonhole stitch.  The background that shows between the pieces creates the grout lines.  This is only 8 " by 12" and I think a larger design overall would work out  better.  But it has potential for at least a small quilt, or a border.  Come to think of it I have a box full of 5 inch squares that I could use up this way.   I think a second try would be work the effort.   OK, inspiration  found.    Now, maybe I will be motivated to complete what is on the design wall....remember all those squares? I can try something new.
    Insight:  A new beginning can be a powerful motivator to complete a current project.   Remember the rule to avoid UFOs.  

    I am trying to remember to add my blog mark to the photos.....I should have been doing it all along.  Why?  You never know where they will end up.  I had an email from someone who saw one of my quilts on Pinterest and  they  wanted the pattern.  Pinterest?  I haven't gone that route, as I have enough going on.  Whoa!  I was very surprised at to find lots of my quilt photos on there.  The pinned photo shows my blog as the source, but the photo could be used other places with no source.  Just a word to the wise to remember to mark your photos as well as your work.  


  1. Interesting! I don't think I've seen that method before? Not sure.
    One of my little owl pics showed up on pinterest. LOL Yeah, I've been trying to put my blog "signature" on every pic but it's time-consuming. I don't "pin" yet either. I agree--too many other things taking up my time without adding that in. Maybe some day...

  2. How do you mark your photos with your blog mark? Thanks.

  3. You have the most amazing floral fabrics... and I can see that technique being useful, too!

    It's important to "stamp" your photos... have been doing it for a while and it's second nature now.

  4. I too would like to know how to mark the pictures??
    Several years ago I did a tablerunner using that technique. It was a pumpkin on black fabric, but I don't remember the pattern or designer. It was out of batiks and gorgeous.

  5. Very interesting technique!
    I don't know about stamping photos. either, but I know I see everyone doing it lately.

  6. Thanks for those words of wisdom. Is there an easy way to do it or do I do it in my photo editor?


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