Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank you, Mrs. Claus .....

   I haven't updated on the doll quilts for Get Your Mrs. Claus On lately.  The collage shows just a few of the precious quilts from the HGTV Message Board group of quilters that have really taken the plunge to support this project.  Nicki is the driving force behind this out pouring of help over there in cyberspace.  She is collecting the quilts and faithfully gets the photos to me for the Flickr page ---- to share what is coming in.   A huge...very huge...undertaking.  Big smile and applause for that.   I would be so lost with out all of your help.
  If you need inspiration, check out the flickr page because there you can see a  string quilt, ticker tape quilt,  applique quilt,  9-patch quilts, strippy quilts, embroidered quilts, and even hand quilted ones.  And each and every one of them made with love from one of the many "Mrs. Claus"  quilters from around the country.
   I heard that the woodworker elves began working in the toy shop last month.....they have a whole lot of catching up to do!  I hope to slip over there and sneak a few photos of their progress soon.  I was able to meet and talk with the decorative artist  who added the very special details to so many toys last year.  She is overseeing the painting of the toys this year as well.
  And I need to also thank Susan, a local Mrs. Claus  and quilter, who donated a huge-- big ---bag of batting pieces she had leftover for the doll quilts.  Thanks, Susan, I have finished 7 doll quilts so far with the batting pieces.
   That's what the project is all about...paying it forward as quilters---- giving and sharing their time, talent, and resources to fill the sugar plum dreams of little girls.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus,  where ever you are.  


  1. I love that they have started already. I've got a couple of ideas going... nothing on fabric, yet. Thanks for the update, and the very sweet and gentle reminder.

  2. So those of us that are not a part of this HGTV effort, are we still able to participate?

  3. I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful project. I've also heard from one of Santa's helper's that they not only need doll quilts but also dolls or stuffed animals like bears, etc. to go into the cradles & doll beds for the children who don't have a baby doll. So....if you don't quilt or can't make a quilt, maybe you would think about a doll for the project.

    Thank you Debbie, for your kind, kind heart!!!!


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