Monday, April 2, 2012

Interruption in plans

    I worked hard yesterday afternoon to be caught up on laundry and stuff so I could sew all day.  NOT... without power I don't!    Early this morning the work crew clearing a lot down the street from us pulled out a dead tree and it flipped over into the power lines.  Ugh!  Do those guys know how annoying this interruption is? So instead I pulled out books, looked for inspiration, sorted fabrics for a water color, cooked burgers on the grill for lunch, and read a bit.
   Sweet relief...... 6 hours later and the power has returned.  This put me in the state of mind of how dependent I am on electricity---do I need a treadle machine?--- and take it so much for granted.   How much else do I take for granted?

Insight:  I like to think of myself as a giver, but selfish pride does lurk within me.  A great idea grows when you share it.  A great person is made greater though their giving.  

  I cranked up the computer---luckily  Sir Old Man has a good backup power supply for me, so no damage or problem---and read Leah's post today   about her ideas on copyright.   She kicked me a bit, but I agreed with what she said.  Read it if you dare.
  So my point to all this rambling is about the tutorial on the batting scrap bag I made last month.  I created a 2 part pdf for this bag for a class  at Learningfa yahoo group.  The class went out this weekend and has been completed by at least one, so I know it was detailed enough.  If you are a follower---I am not sending it to the world--- and would like the bag PDF, email me......not  just a comment....see the side bar contact.  I will send you the 2 part class, which includes lots of photos and instructions for sizing and completing this tote.  Once the basic is done you can add your own details--ideas included but not directions--- of extra pockets or zipper closure if you want.
  What do I want back?  Photos of your bag that I can post and share.
 Happy stitching! 


Janet O. said...

I've had nightmares about the power possibly going out on the one day of the week that I am home to sew. So far they haven't come true. Sorry it happened to you!

Joanie's Quilts said...
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Joanie's Quilts said...

Today I was thinking about how more banks, credit card companies and other billing entities want to go paperless. What happens if your laptop or pc dies or you lose power for weeks on end. I know it must have felt quite inconvenient when you were ready to sew and could not. Seems as though you made good use of your time doing other alternatives. I did read in part Leah's message on copyrights. I have read bits and pieces on fb and other blogs and still don't have a feel for the real problem. I will have to go back and read Leah's blog on it in more depth. It's lack of attention span or me. LOL I did the deletion above. I'm typing while sitting in my recliner that I created way too many typos. Sorry about that!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I think you've hit on why I have knitting as a back-up hobby! No power needed. I can imagine the frustration when you really plan for a day of sewing and then, nothing. I did conjur up a picture, though, of you going out there and informing of them of the disruption they caused. LOL

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