Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Quilting

Project QUILTING Season 4   It's happening over at  Persimon Dreams .   Like Project Runway, there is a theme and a time limit!   A weekly theme for the challenge is posted on Sunday and photos of a finish are required.    Sounds like fun....but let's see. It is already Saturday and  I have committed to the mystery quilt, aka Easy Street, and to the 2013 Finish challenge each month, and the New FO challenge each month, and the guild's challenge, along with a growing list of want-to-dos.   On the other hand, this sounds interesting and I miss the weekly journal challenge from 2 years, yeah, I am going to join and see what happens.    
   This week was "square in a square".  Do you think I have squares in my stash for this?  **big grin**  You know I do, so  I hit the watercolor squares and did a small table top project.   It's squares in a square for sure.  Eight rows across and eight rows down of blended 2 " squares that I bordered with a batik.  The size finished at 16" by 16".   I used straight line quilting to finish it off.  But you can't see that in this photo.


 That's the back view.....wild fabric and straight line quilting.  
I admit this was an easy out for time I will at least put my thinking cap on.
Now to get this posted on the Flickr group and link up to Persimon Dreams.

   Happy stitching.  


  1. That weekly Project Quilting challenge sounds like fun. I won't be participating but I sure like the idea of just making whatever you want ...large or long as you stay within the theme. Your table topper is beautiful. That batik border is perfect. I don't know how you keep up. You have so many irons in the fire this year already & it makes my head spin. :)

  2. Wow, you brave woman. I would have crumbled at the thought of adding something more. This is a beautiful little watercolor piece and that batik border looks great!

  3. Great mini quilt... love the watercolor center and the batik is perfect to finish it off! Good job!

    You are brave to tackle a project like this... I'm looking forward to seeing future challenges!

  4. Ooo, you have a lot of things going on! It's a very pretty mini.

  5. Beautiful project Debbie and I always enjoy your watercolor quilts!

  6. FUN! It looks like a secret entry into a magical garden! :)

  7. Cool watercolor quilt! Love the front and love the back too! Very pretty!


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