Friday, January 18, 2013

Still cutting.....

     Click over to Show and tell at the Quilting Gallery .  The theme is challenge quilts.   I am sharing  this one called Turning 60 from a few years ago.   Oops, I just hinted at my age...oh, well.  It's a favorite of mine and overloaded with words of affirmation and memories written along the vines and leaves.  

  And on  the sewing front.....
 I'm cutting, and cutting, and cutting.  Sir Old Man finally took pity on me late this afternoon  and rigged up a support in the sewing table hole.  It  will allow me to use the mechanical machine in the sewing room until the 6600 comes home.    There's isn't too much he can't do once he puts his mind to it!  

   What I have ready to sew:
  1.  The borders for the Easy Street mystery quilt.  This thing needs a name.
  2.  Strips for 9 patch units for my guild challenge.
  3.  Panels for applique for the guild challenge.....and a small  shoe box of applique pieces for the panels.    (Boy, is this one going to take a while to applique, but it should be fun because it is whimsical.)
  4.  Background pieces, border pieces,  and appliques for a mini.....for the Hugs & Kisses blog hop in Feb......check out the button on the sidebar.   Yep, I caved again, and took the leap and entered into this one.   It's just a mini, and I can do it in a couple of afternoons, so I'm not breaking my word / rule!  
  5.  And one backing  for top in waiting.  Just 2 large pieces to join, and it is ready to pin for quilting.  

Tomorrow I'm making lasagna.  I usually do a couple of large pans and freeze in dinner size portions once it is done.  That way I can count on an easy meal when I have been on a sewing binge and I'm too tired to cook.  Have a great weekend....happy stitching.  


  1. What a clever man!

    Now you'll be in your element!

  2. Beautiful quilt as always. I love getting meals packed away in the freezer for sewing-packed days! That's quite the list--looks as tho you'll be needing some meals ready!

  3. I'll be over for dinner! Wonderful quilt - tomorrow I will have to browse Quilt Galley.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt, Debbie.
    Your idea of freezing dinner size portions of lasagna is great. Just two of us can't eat a whole pan, so I usually only make lasagna when we are having company. Now I have no excuse.

  5. No hints about your age, I'm sure you were making it for someone else :). I do the same thing with lasagna, but we end up eating it constantly because the mind whispers "there's lasagna in the freezer, keep sewing".

  6. What a lovely quilt... I'm sure whomever it was turning 60 loves it! ;)

    Good on SOM for rigging up your machine for sewing... I think he's a keeper!

    I freeze soups in individual servings... so easy to pull out and nuke after a long day at work... or sewing!

  7. Gosh, you are sewing circles around me! I only have a couple of projects going right now...a baby quilt that's due by March & some soda koozies for a June quilting reatreat (welcome bag gifts) & the 2013 Get Your Mrs Claus doll quilts. It sounds like you are going to need more than just that lasagna for the freezer...maybe some soups & spaghetti & roast, and...and...and... :)

  8. Wonderful quilt. It's beautiful.


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