Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly mail

   I decided to save the doll quilts for a weekly post on new arrivals.  Boy, did I get a wonderful selection of doll quilts this week.  It's like a quilt show in miniature!

  From Hill Country Quilter came this beauty in batiks!  Not only has this Mrs. Claus from Texas developed her eye for picking batiks lately, she has the knack for making them sing.  These are set in a chevron pattern and they just sparkle.


  From Mrs. Claus in Florida came a stack of lovely seasonal doll quilts.  Chris, aka cksvett, is a member of the HGTV Message Board. In her note she said that these quilts were a stretch of her talent.  I think she found a new skill with these.

   She created an assortment of doll quilts from  a printed panel.  Trees, stars, teddy bears, and gingerbread men all turned out delightful.

   Mrs. Claus for Indiana, aka McPatches, is also a member of the HGTV Board.  What a box full of wonder she sent!
   Christmas stars,  sampler with bargello, tiny pinwheels, and 2 Sun Bonnet Sue doll quilts .....I was in awe! Just look at those pinwheels.   But there is more.....

   A disappearing 9 patch design,  tiny flying geese, a bowl of fish, a string quilt, and a floral applique .....oh, my!  
  This Mrs. Claus has lots of skills!  She said that all the little quilts are from orphan blocks, or were  a leader/enders projects.

  Don't you want to see a full show of her quilts?   I do.

And here is the whole week's worth of quilts.
   I am so humbled and amazed each week as these arrive.  Mrs. Claus---each of you are so full of love and giving.  Each of these little quilts have started their journey and will be going to the arms of little girls soon.  Can't you just hear their squeals of delight.
Thank you all for your help and support.  Big, big hugs.

Happy stitching.


  1. What wonderful little quilts, Debbie! I like the idea of these mini quilt shows. : )
    I started pulling fabrics for doll quilts yesterday.

  2. It's so good to see how the Mrs. Claus project continues going strong.

  3. This is really a wonderful thing to see!

  4. All the little doll quilts are really cute! I like doing doll quilts too!

  5. They are all so pretty! I love how this has really taken off.

  6. What beautiful doll quilts! Love how you displayed them for photographing too...

  7. Great doll quilt (or any kind of quilt for that matter) inspiration - especially the first one, the HST Batik Jewel. I'm so in love with that quilt that I can hardly contain myself...and I think I have all the fabrics I need to make my own versions for my three grandgirlies. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh wow, lovely! My favourite has to be the batik chevrons!


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