Friday, March 21, 2014

She stitches among us

Mrs. Claus knows it is Spring, yet her work is never done.  She makes quilts through out the year.

  There's a Mrs. Claus in New Jersey.  She is known as Valene, or Turtle9 on the HGTV Message Board.  She sent two beautiful doll quilts.  A purple patch and a red one, too.....bright and cheerful.  Thank you.

   There's a Mrs. Claus in Wisconsin that is known as Sister Sue on the HGTV Message Board.  She loves flannel because it is still cold in her region.  The monkey print just makes me smile, and the little blue one has adorable bears on it.  Thank you, Sue.

There's a Mrs. Claus in Texas, too.  (Actually, the great state of Texas boasts quite a few Mrs. Claus.)  This Mrs. Claus is known as Mary, and is a special friend to this project.
Mary sent along a beautiful doll quilt in batiks made with precise triangles.  Such a work of art!

  And then I flipped it over.....she embroidered a label and attached to the back!  Thank you, is just perfectly wonderful.

  Mrs. Claus is wonderful, warm, and giving.  She is always thinking of others.  She loves to share her talent and gives freely to others.  Mrs. Claus loves cotton fabrics, flannel fabrics, all fabrics, really.  And she never wastes a bit of it.....because there is always another doll quilt to make.  Mrs. Claus is a quilter and she stitches among us.

Thank you all for your support and help....warm hugs to all.  Happy stitching.  


  1. They are so cute! They are going to make some little girls very happy : )

  2. Wonderful little quilts--that batik one really speaks to me!! : )

  3. Cute and beautiful, the Mrs. Claus's always amaze me. I'm glad you popped in, I was just about to email you :)

  4. I love seeing these little quilts throughout the year. There sure are a lot of amazing Mrs. Claus's out there making amazing quilts for the children. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. These little doll quilts are precious. I think each of the Mrs. Clauses have angel wings. Blessings and Creative Bliss...

  6. I think I might be hearing sleigh bells! All the quilts are Great! I might need to start a Christmas later today!!

  7. Such pretty doll quilts... Mrs. Claus works hard all year to make little girls and boys happy!

  8. Love, love, love that quilt from Mrs 'Mary' Claus


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