Monday, August 4, 2014

Now showing: Doll quilts

   I had to wait a couple of days to take photos of the doll favorite area was under 2-3 inches of standing water from very heavy rains!  With cloudy skies, and more rain expected, I pulled a couple of pesky weeks in this area for a few photos.

  From Mrs. Claus in Montana, aka STinMT, comes a cute pair of quilts. Shirley is a member of the HGTV Message Board and made these two.  I love that purple fabric that she used in both of them.

  An embroidered label on the back says "Montana made".  One of my favorite pieces of slate stone has a "mountain" type coloring and was the perfect accompaniment for this one.  Thank you, Shirley.

  Just arrived from Mrs. Claus of California is a set of scrappy patched doll quilts.  These were made by NancyC20 of the HGTV Message Board.  Nancy has been a continual supporter of this project.   thank you, Nancy.   She certainly has a good eye for using those leftover squares.....and again, I love the purple one.  Did I mention that  already?

   I promised you a collection of not to be missed doll quilts earlier.  Here they are.
    A box of doll quilts came flying in from Mrs. Claus in Arizona, aka Kayla.  Please note the one on the right.....the background is cups and saucers....I nicknamed this one, Flying Saucers because the circles appliqued to it look like planets in space.
   The tiny Bow Ties take on a graphic quality when set on a black background.  So striking!

    This amazing little quilt is made of Yo-Yos.....and the little diamond between them comes from appliques on the back!  Mrs. Claus you are so amazing!

Back side of Yo-Yo quilt.

  Kayla added small buttons to finish this one off....a very cute embellishment.

    The last two doll quilts use hexies. One in a traditional style setting and surrounded by green.  The other one on the left has a different color arrangement and it appears to be a different isn't.  How cool is that?   Her work is just wonderful.

   And one more surprise was in the box.  A very precious little angel, a little red work angel.  I just love it.  In her note, Mrs. Claus said this is favorite project to be a part of.  Kayla is also a member of the HGTV Message Board and selected her quilts to represent Alaska, Arizona, Missouri, Hawaii and Puerto Rico this year.  Thank you, Kayla.  

And a final round up of this week's quilts.........

  Lots of eye candy, lots of style, lots of inspiration.  Hope you enjoyed the little doll quilt show.  Thank you again to all the Mrs. Clauses out there.  I love you all and so appreciate your support.  Happy stitching.  


Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are all just so sweet - but my oh my - I am not fond of yo-yo's, but that is the most gorgeous little thing!

Impera Magna said...

Beautiful quilts... just gorgeous! Love the red work angel as well! A bunch o' little girls are going to be very happy come Christmas!

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, quite the haul and every one of this beautiful! Is the rain from that darn hurricane passing by? We've been having some nasty weather as he goes by.

Janet O. said...

Some wonderful quilts! What a fun place your mailbox has been!
That is such a sweet little angel! : )

Nicki said...

Those are such beautiful tiny treasures from some awesome quilters. Be on the look-out for more to come as a little elf told me there will be more headed in your direction soon. Thanks so much for the beautiful display & description of them all. Your photography is wonderful.

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