Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Fall Day

    The first day of fall is the start of my official baking time, and the time to change out wall hangings.  So between the batches of banana muffins, I switched out the table top mini for the autumn tones of this pineapple, and the pumpkin and apple banner found its way to the pantry door.


I am also peeling some delicious apples we brought back from Michigan for a side dish for tonight's dinner.  That Farmer's Market  is a delight to visit.  So many goodies to enjoy.  We even brought back some local Maple Syrup.

  And wonderful news on the computer front.....Wonder Geek  found my files and photos, got them restored to the proper place and solved a few other "operator" challenges.  And yes, he benefits from all my baking!

  And just a little "therapy time" in the sewing room.......I am not really sure where this is going.  It sort of looks like a butterfly :-)   We will just have to see, as I  felt the need to play with some watercolor design.  
   This is more graphic in appearance than I usually do.   I will see how it evolves and decide then if it is a keeper.   That is the fun of a little play time on the design wall.  I can let my hands work and my mind wander, and if I don't like the results......just start over.   Nothing is lost, just sort the squares for another time or project.  It is part of the creative process of how I work through things.  And the therapy always soothes my soul......happy stitching. 


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Sounds like a beautiful way to ring in the first day of fall. Love the colors in that pumpkin/apple banner! I spent my day quilting....and finally finished something!

Jasmine said...

I love seasonal quilts. I need to go change mine. :) And I like the look of the butterfly. Will you add a body?

Janet O. said...

You have great seasonal quilts.
That butterfly is very dramatic--pretty!
Love the sound of the baking. I wanted to make something with pumpkin yesterday (that says "Fall" to me), but I was taking meals to a couple of people that I know aren't crazy about pumpkin, so I restrained myself. Made raspberry scones, instead.

Nicki said...

Those are great wall hangings for fall. We are even felling cooler weather here in Texas which is very unusual this time of the year. I better get supplies for hot chocolate mix soon. Your watercolor "butterfly" seems to be taking shape nicely. I bet it will change (metamorphis) many times before you settle on something wonderful.

Dana Gaffney said...

That "butterfly" really caught my eye, it is so graphic, I love it. Keep playing through the baking.

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