Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilt Show 2014

 Long weekend sitting at the Admission Table.....this was a last minute takeover position for me.  The good thing about it was getting to meet a lot of new people, and seeing almost everyone at least once, and seeing old friends too.  I managed a break to zip through the show and take a few photos of my favorites to share.

     This was Best of Show....a wonderful applique quilt composed of block of the month blocks.  And it was huge!  she did a great job fitting these blocks of various sizes together to make a cohesive quilt.

   A detail photo shows her setting detail.  Using that floral print was a great choice to bring it all together.   I love the rectangular blocks too....especially the bird on the branch. The flying geese are a perfect fill in.

   This was a blue and white quilt that was so pretty.  Her mother embroidered the center.  I liked the variety of blocks used in the border, too.


    This blue and white Star Flake was made by Ann Sevcik.....and is much prettier than my fuzzy photo!   I am so proud of her quilting on this.....she took my beginner's class last year.  Each piece of the star flake stands out because she did outline quilting and then a close stipple in the white areas.  Great job, Ann.

  I love quilts with a story.  Susan said there are happy and sad memories hidden in the baskets.  She began this as a busy project when her Dad got sick, and carried it on car trips and vacations.   We know she would not trade it for anything.

  And continuing in the Susan-vein......this is her Disco Snowflakes.  Big, bold, and all batiks.  The galaxy star block does look like it is dancing!

    Wow....I loved the impact of this quilt.   I love the barn raising setting used for this.  Then I got closer and almost fell was made by Jill Van Harlingen, an old friend I have lost contact with.

    I actually took my first machine quilting class from her many years ago.  I am so glad she has returned to our area and hope to see her soon.
Here is a detail photo of the block she referred to as Mary's Triangle Block.
I think I will be pinning this for future reference.

  One more today.  This was made by Sharon Larson for the guild's Not so Round Robin this year.  The applique is beautiful and the off set design is always a favorite with me.

I need to get caught up on a few things and I will finish up sharing photos tomorrow......happy stitching.


Karen said...

The Best of Show quilt is a beauty. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara said...

What a coincidence! The first quilt is the one I'm currently putting borders on. It was a BOM from 1998. I think I like the colors of your friend's quilt better than the ones that came in my kits.

Nicki said...

What beautiful quilts from the show. It must have been a real treat for you to talk to everyone & meet up with past friends. The Disco Snowflakes really caught my eye & I especially like the filler blocks in the Best of Show quilt to tie all the different sized blocks together. Thanks for sharing the show with us.

Dana Gaffney said...

They're all beautiful but I really love the batik stars. It must feel pretty good to see your students projects and how far they've come :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing such lovlies. I had to enlarge the 'robin' quilt - love the tiny cross-hatch in the center.

Janet O. said...

I was trying to choose my favorite and had it narrowed down to three of them. I went back and enlarged them all to see if I could narrow it further and that just made me question my original choices. Of course, I love all the batiks, but they are all beautiful quilts!

Hanna Mae said...
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Terri said...

Those are some beauties. I, too, love the sashing on the first quilt. What a good idea. I've never really liked sashing before, and now I know it's because it's usually plain. I've gotta use this idea sometime.
Love the coloring on the quilt made by your long lost friend. Is that quilt made of batiks? They are so rich - seems like batik from here.
Thanks for sharing the show. Looking forward to the second installment.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics/inspirations!

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