Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small gifts

  When we went for haircuts last week, the first thing Michelle said to me was that her husband stole her mug rug!  I had to giggle....a husband who purloins mug rugs!  Like me, she has a tile counter top in the kitchen, and it quickly chills your morning coffee.  So it seems the husband figured that out and snitched the small gift.  So I made a couple more rugs to share.....they should cool his jets or sticky fingers.

  And what did I get in the mail this week?  Treasures!
I was so excited when I open a small package from Janet at Rogue Quilter.   She is not only a wonderful quilter of quilts and minis, but she makes soap in her spare time!  The herbal soap smells just divine.....and so pretty.  Maybe luscious is a better word to describe them.   And the little ornament is a very special treasure.  Janet used scraps of her mother's floral fabrics----she did water colors too!----to make this tiny basket block.  I just marvel at the tiny pieces because tiny is not my forte at all.  Thank you, Janet, and I am so glad you kept the bunny!!  I need to add that  I got this little package for having been the first to find the duplicate fabric in one of her minis.  She can be sneaky that way...unannounced giveways and such. 


Janet O. said...

Those batik mug rugs are so pretty! I'd swipe one if it was within my grasp, so I understand the guy doing that.
Glad you like the soap and ornament--yeah, the grands wouldn't give up the bunny. : )
Probably no one else knows you received this little package for having been the first to find the duplicate fabric in the bow tie quilt on my blog a couple of posts ago. It wasn't announced as a give away, but I like to slip in little things like that. Enjoy. : )

Terri said...

I like hosting the unannounced giveaways myself. I think the regulars should be involved, and not the hordes of greedy gusses. Seems more fair to me.
Love the mug rugs. I made a couple of Mrs. Moen "Boobs" for my hubby for his coffee. One has a paper pieced bird on it.

Sheila said...

Love your batik mug rugs. True. The make awesome little gifts. Everyone loves them. Need to start making them for Christmas. They go quickly : )
Totally agree with Terri. I like those unannounced giveaways, too. That's when the regulars are the ones involved in the drawing.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'd snatch those mug rugs if I got close to them and the soap, LOL.

Lynne said...

I have a Caesar-stone bench top and it's freezing! I think a couple of pretty placemats for Saturday morning breakfasts (the only time we eat there) are in my future!

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