Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to the garden quilt

   A few stolen moments from doing everyone's the taxes and  the last side to the garden quilt border was added.   A quick press on the border and it is a flimsy!

   I was actually beginning to run out of 2" squares after 4 sides of this blended border.  But that was the whole point of the exercise for me.....clear out the old to make room for some fresh cuts.

   This area of the yard was just a bit too bright for a good photo.  Yet I liked the contrast of the shadows of the bare branches against the quilt top.

  By the time I got to the back deck, the wind picked up.  But this will give a better idea of how it looks so far without any quilting.  It is so much prettier than the photos.

   I plan on giving Hot Legs--Tiara--a work out this week, as I have several projects waiting.  And I will get this one to the pinned stage, too.

   I am so ready to get back to the sewing room.  My head is spinning with numbers and  questions.  I think that tax agency should be gobbled up by the quilt police, flayed and diced with a rotary cutter, and if that is not enough stick a handful of pins in them.  There now, that little spurt of a rant felt good.   Have a happy week of stitching.


  1. your border looks great! I did the same thing, used up the old supply of squares and am cutting a whole new batch.

  2. It is just wonderful - yes, always good to clear out and use up.

  3. So beautiful. And that is the best use for the quilt police I have heard. They should go after others for our benefit!

  4. This is very pretty - I like the luminosity of the lighter strips against the background color, and your blending in the border looks great. I need to try that out!

  5. Looking good!

    I think my DD will be feeling like that pretty soon! She started a book-keeping course at TAFE today and will be attending three days a week!

  6. Beautiful on it's way to gorgeous. I really like the thin dark (black?) border.

  7. Your rant made me laugh. After helping my Dad with his taxes I have had similar feelings. : )
    Beautiful flimsy finish, Debbie. You are such a master of the watercolor techniques.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Hot Legs (love that name) come up with!

  9. Just gorgeous! I'm excited that I found this pattern in one of my books - adding it to my list. I think I have a bit of hoarder in me... I tend to pull the squares that I have the most of to use.


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