Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Borders a couple of ideas

  You may remember the post from earlier about the size of my borders and other thoughts on it.  Borders frame the quilt, increase the size, and brings all the work together. Make it plain, include patchwork, add some all depends on you.     By the time I get to the border, I am usually ready to move on to something new.  So I am very guilty of doing the quick thing instead of making it all come together.

   I have been removing pages from old magazines.  I sorted the pages into topics and filled two of these spiral bound notebooks.  They have pockets and 4 pages plus the cover pockets.....lots of ideas stored here.

One pocket is just for border ideas.  Simple border ideas...let's not go overboard and change who I am!

  This first idea comes from the quilt showing here......the oval shape that forms the lattice.  I spotted it used as a border applique on another quilt---but I can't find the tear out now.  I thought it would be interesting to experiment with that idea......scrap quilt with ovals in different prints in the border.

  I tend to use some reminders on pages as to why I pulled it ignore my scribbles.  There are multiple borders added to this one.  What caught my eye was the triangles that were in the center one.  Simple HST units are joined to look like a flying geese.  Then the geese are flipped and alternate direction.   I like that this treatment keeps the border light/open  and not too busy.   From Quiltmaker Jan 2014.

  I loved this little one!  The embroidery could be enlarged for applique in the center. But the alternating border strips is so cute.  It accents the center work, but again keeps the border light and not too dark.
   This idea could translate easily to a scrap quilt with alternating color bars---rather than piano keys layout.  From American Patchwork and Quilting Oct 2014.

  Back to the sewing room for a little more therapy....some sewn, some to press, some to pair up for stitching.

Happy stitching.


Mary said...

I have a similar system using binders and sheet protectors. It's a great way to thin out the paper and organize what you want to keep. I'm guilty of doing the fast thing with borders too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Borders? You have to put on borders? LOL!! This is something I need to expand upon. We actually have a class set up for our quilt guild on this subject and should be interesting - and maybe even poke me.

sunny said...

I have a binder too, but nothing is sorted. Now I need to go sort it! I love the flying geese idea, but it looks like a lot of work.

Janet O. said...

Like you, I usually do the fast thing with borders--I am thrilled to be finished with the inner piecing and don't want to complicate things. I have two "border" books and page through them occasionally, admiring the effects they create on the quilts. But I have never made a single one!
I think you have found some great borders here. If you ever want to practice one, I'll send you a quilt upon which you can try it. *LOL*

Quilting Babcia said...

I've always done the quick and easy borders .. except for the Rose of Sharon applique on our queen size quilt, which took me a year of evenings to complete. I like the idea of changing up those plain borders with pieced borders of varying sizes and a 'controlled scrappy' look. Thanks for sharing these links!

Dana Gaffney said...

Every time I've done a special border I love it, but it's almost like making a second quilt with the time and design. Maybe we should make the borders first and add the quilt :)

Rosa said...

Borders?Mine arebusy and love the idea to design stunning borders.

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