Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Finds

The Thread Director:     The Thread Director... I needed one of these!  Some threads are straight wound and they do not feed properly on my machine.  This little gadget changes the direction of the thread feed.  It attaches via the spool winder to hold those odd spools---especially decorative threads---so they do not tangle and break.  I haven't used it yet, but I do have plans for some thread painting and this will be required for some of my threads.  This was spotted at Red Rock threads.

   Do you use small design boards in your project?  They are great for holding units for the blocks, carting the parts/pieces to the ironing board and then to the machine.  I have a couple I use....just foam core covered with batting.  After running across  a very good tutorial at Bee in My Bonnet blog for mini design boards, I decided I could improve my boards.

  I use old yard signs.  This one is the plastic type of corrugated sign.  I cut mine to 12'' by 16'', along with a layer of batting and muslin about  1 1/2'' larger on all sides.    Grab the glue stick......

I use the glue stick for a temporary hold.  Run the glue stick along the edge of the board and fold the fabric over.  Press down with finger tips.

Remember the colorful duct tape?  I found a good use for it here.  Pull off a piece long enough for the side.  Lay the covered board face down onto the tape.  Put the tape around the edge and press down onto the back covering the edge of the fabric.   I trimmed the ends of the tape so that they were flush with the end.

  Done!  A small work surface that easily moves from sewing table to ironing board....safely.

 At Bee in my Bonnet blog, you can see how she finished her edges with fabric for a very cute look.

From Amity Quilter

   A few weeks ago, I saw this on a blog I follow.  I loved the quilt tale about the quilt and its repair.  What is more simple than patches on a patchwork quilt.  See the story at Amity Quilter.  While you are there, check out her hand quilting and machine quilting, too.

Download this beautiful project today! Add 4 new blocks and 32 new fabrics to your QDW, EQ6 or EQ7!
From DoyouEQ

 Season alert!!!  So it begins....
 Free block patterns are available for down load at DoyouEQ.   I  don't do much paper piecing.....but these would convert to applique a la machine quite easily.   So if you do EQ , grab this freebie.

While you are at EQ, check out this tutorial  in the Tool Tip section.   
 It is a lesson in the EQ Stitch to draw ovals, hearts, and plumes.  Yes, plumes like for feathers.   I completed the lesson and learned a couple of new things.   Next week I hope to have a small finished project to share because of this.

As always, please visit the original source for pinning.  I hope you found a little inspiration and fun.

Before I close...In remembrance of those we lost.

Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

Interesting spool pin adapter. I've never seen one like it before.
Love small design boards. I have about 30 of them. I can lay out a whole quilt's worth of blocks and take them to the sewing machine one by one. But I don't border mine. I just use spray adhesive to attach them to the boards--that way I can lay them out and get a feel for the look of the quilt before sewing it together, without the border color interfering with my view. : )
I enjoyed the story at Amity Quilter. I follow her as well.

Dana Gaffney said...

My Juki has something called a sub tension unit that is supposed to stop twists, but on some threads it seems to twist them the wrong way and they look frayed, I wonder if that spool adapter would counteract that, report please after you try it.

Quilting Babcia said...

Thanks for the blog mention! I need to make one of those small design boards with the leftovers from the new design wall.

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