Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Been quilting

    I spent a lot of time with Hot Legs over the weekend.  Quilting away on some plumes and border.  I have thread tails to hide.   I am using the "looper" method for this.....see the video on youtube here.   

   I did have one bad episode with tension.....luckily I was paying attention to the sound of the machine and stopped with only about 6 '' of loopy/messy  threads on the back to rip out.   As it happens, I had watched a webinar a few days before on the T word....Tension....from Handi-Quilter.  It is archived here, also on youtube.   It was a good refresher and glad I had seen it.  The problem was the top thread, which had jumped out of the tension disk.  And easy fix, and something that will happen at some point when you do free motion quilting.

  Now I am on to the binding.  I  am attempting to do the flange binding with this pile of scraps.  Crossing my fingers that I got the directions right and that this one will work.

But first thing today is to make lasagna....the freezer is empty.  Then I probably need to spend a couple days of cutting strips and squares for things I am planning.

  And just wondering if anyone has a GO Baby, etc. they want to sell......I am contemplating getting one.   That's what I get for thinking/saying never!  And of course, I don't have room for it.  But that doesn't usually stop us, does it?
Happy stitching.


  1. Your feathers are so pretty! And thanks for that link for the tension webinar. I just watched the whole thing and found it helpful.

  2. Very pretty feathers! Which Handi Quilter do you have?

  3. Lovely feathers. I want to try the faux flang method that was shown on Missouri Quilt Co.

  4. I was planning on watching that webinar last Thursday, but ended up with the funeral of an old friend. Thanks for reminding me--I'll have to go back and check it out.

  5. There you go again, now I need to google this flang thing you speak of, LOL. Check ebay for the baby go, and think real hard about how much you'll use it before you put the money out, the dies can get pretty pricey.

  6. I had never seen the looper method of burying threads before. I intend to try it. I never seem to end up with long enough threads and the self threading needles sometimes shred them making it even harder. Thanks for sharing!


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