Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday finds October

GO! Strippy Catch-All Basket (PQ10430)
From Accuquilt
    Need a catchall basket?  This cute pattern is from Accuquilt.  Here's the link to the free pattern.   Of course, they give the instructions for using the cutter to make the fabric strips......but we have plenty of leftovers to sew together.  Right?  This version gives 2 sizes and a little different way to put them together.  I am debating on making a few to hold a loaf and bread and mug rug for Christmas gifts.   Or someone cold give me one stuffed to the brim with fabric.....I would not mind  :)

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #6 | The Electric Quilt Blog:
From EQ Stitch

  Guess you recognize those plumes?  From EQ Stitch blog comes a lesson on drawing your own plumes.   So they shared an idea on how to use them to create a Christmas tree which can be used for applique along with a tutorial.  This would be cute on a table runner, tote bag,  or apron. 

.owl applique:

   An owl for applique.....just in time for a seasonal banner maybe.   I won't get to it this year....maybe next :)
Here's the link to my saved image.......I can't remember where I found it.   If it is yours....please claim it and I will update post.  You will need to save it to your computer and then print for use.

As always, please visit the original source if you can for pinning.

  I am elbow deep in apples.  That means it is time to make apple bread and stock up the freezer.  I am making a double batch of loaves so I can have enough for gift giving.  The house smells so good.  Maybe I can squeeze in a little sewing before I collapse.   Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

I went over to look at those baskets and up popped a "Win a Go", if I win I'll have it shipped right to you :)
The Christmas tree is so pretty, I've seen something like it before on the Accuquilt page with hearts added. I wish you could share the smell of your kitchen with us, I'm sure it's amazing.

Quilting Babcia said...

Those baskets would make perfect small gift packages. Thanks for the link. I like your idea of one for a loaf of bread!

Janet O. said...

Those baskets would make a sweet gift all by themselves, but who wouldn't love one with a loaf of bread? I think I can smell the apple bread--Oh, I will miss holiday baking this year (first year with my celiac diagnosis. Argh!).

Mary said...

Apple break? Sounds wonderful. The owl is too cute!

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