Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mindless sewing makes a top

  Two afternoons of just mindless stitching pairs of strips from the bin created a top....perfect for a donation quilt.  Most were 2 1/2'' with a few 2'' strips thrown in somehow.   The good news is  I reduced the bin
by half and also used up left over 1 1/2'' strips.

  I ended up with a lot of short sections that I cut into
2 1/2'' bands to inset into the mix.  No border planned for this one.....just a mix of scraps for binding.  When I get to quilting,  a medium stipple/meander will do the trick.    Oh....see the edge of the bench in the photo?

  It is another restoration project by Sir Old Man.  This is the bench that was on the front porch---quite grey and weathered.    He took it all apart, repainted and stained the slats.   He also added in one more slat to the area where the back curves into the seat.....much better now!  So wonderful to have a bench for the deck and porch.....thank you!

  I have baking to do, and orange peels to assemble.  What a combination!
Happy stitching.


  1. Good idea for the scraps, I believe that we can never stop that battle or they will take over the room, I need to get back on them. The bench is beautiful! It looks brand new, now you get to keep him for another year.

  2. Glad you cut your bin of scraps in half! This is a great use for the scraps. I keep sewing but my scrap bins seem to be multiplying! I do love scrappy quilts though. The dark/black vertical strips really set this off. Sir Old Man is a keeper - your 'new' bench looks very inviting. ~Jeanne

  3. If it is Mindless while using your scraps, and you are Mindful, I say it is a win-win all the way around!

  4. Great use of your scraps. Lovely re-finish of your bench - he's a keeper.

  5. The black makes nice containment lines for all of those colors! What a lovely result of "mindless sewing".
    Such a great job on the bench.

  6. Oh beauty of a bench seat and love your strip quilt, a good way to use up some of my strips!

  7. That's a great looking scrap quilt. I love black in a quilt. It always makes the colors pop right out at you. Nice job of reducing your stash. My vocabulary does not have enough adjectives to describe that wonderful looking bench. I love the back of the bench surrounded by the awesome woodworking job he did.

  8. LOVE the scrap quilt! Most excellent idea.
    Love the bench. Beautiful job


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