Wednesday, December 9, 2015

That crazy elf!

Red Glitter Elf Made Me Do It Box Sign   I saw this sign last night when we went to dinner and it made me giggle.  Right now my elf---Mr. Dinks--- is visiting Florida and will fly up just in time  to surprise Remy.   My brother is having fun finding vantage points for the elf to nap.   The adults enjoy the wonder in a child's eyes when he spies that crazy figure perched on the cabinet door, or handing on to the door knob.

  A quick finish between assembling the orange peels.  This is snack mat size ----about 12'' by 12''.    I shared another applique earlier in Friday Finds.     I snatched this one there and enlarged it a bit.  It is still smaller than I time I will enlarge it some more.   Pieces were fused and machine stitched.  I  cut into some of that new fabric....on the border. Luscious!

  I have reached the row assembly stage on the orange peels......and have an idea for a border.  So I know this one won't get finished this year.  And the floral exploration will carry on next year too, it seems.   Big grin, what else would you expect?
Happy stitching.


  1. Very pretty mat, Debbie. The quilting enhances the beautiful, flowing feel of the piece. Lovely fabrics, too.

  2. Florals forever!!! There can't be a deadline to stop using them.

  3. Sweet fabrics, and I especially love those wide blue borders. Plumes, leaves, and hummingbirds, what could be better?

  4. I absolutely love your humming bird mat. You have such a gift.

  5. Oh, I love that hummingbird and the colors are wonderful, especially that blue border.

  6. I love this! I love hummingbirds and have a nice collection of hummingbird stuff.

  7. Your hummingbird mat is awesome! I just saw a hummer in my back yard this past week-end so had to make up a quick batch of "juice" for him. Kind of unusual to see one this time of the year. Your colors are beautiful on the mat & your quilting is exquisite.
    Oh Mr. Dinks is traveling this year. Remy will love having him visit soon. :)


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