Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Scraps.........Express yourself

Grab button for This will be an early Friday Find on Wednesday.  Lol, if that didn't confuse you, read on.

  I debated for a couple of days before starting this one...... Quilty 365.  Details are at Quilty Folk and the link up.   It really began in October, so I am a couple of months behind. real rules, just pick a fabric of the day to suggest your mood, events, weather, or because you like it.
   I am laying the blame on Amity Quilter for pointing this year long challenge out.   The 23 circles she showed in the link up are just beautiful.....and I love that she is mixing up her background squares and doing extra special cuts.    Be sure to stop by and see what I mean.

  I have day one on the left done.  On the right, my circle sits on today's gray design because it is still raining.  I need to get it cut before I start dinner.  And yes, that is interfacing behind the fabric and circle.  I am kind of hooked and addicted to this applique technique after all the orange peels.

   On the back of each square I am marking the date...12/1, 12/2, etc in pencil.  I thought it would be interesting to see how months, and such affect my fabric choices.  And if at all possible, at least for now,  the fabric picks are coming from the leftover scrap box.  Eventually, I know that  I will give in and have to cut a chunk off a special piece I have stashed away.  Part of the need to express myself.

   Speaking of scraps...... I have been staring at this box of leftover strips for way too long.  Finally, I committed to use them up or they hit the trash can.  So a coin quilt is in the making.  Mindless sewing during the month of rush and preparing for the holiday is just what I need.
  I am sewing pairs and then sub-cutting at 6 1/2'' from the strip sets.  Once I have enough sets, I will start to mix things up and create those long bands of coins.

   The house has been cleaned, and the tree is up.  A bit of gift shopping is done.  And just enough time to sew up that circle.  I hope you will check out that link and consider this challenge.  Happy stitching.


Quilting Babcia said...

Welcome to the club! I'm happy to be Audrey's little enabler elf! With your stash of gorgeous watercolor fabrics, I can just imagine one gorgeous quilt in another year or so.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the circle idea and have been watching everyone's choice of 'circle', but won't start until the New Year.

Dana Gaffney said...

When I read Quilting Babcia's post yesterday I thought about joining in too, I like the thought of marking the back to remind you why you picked that fabric, it makes for an interesting journal in a year. The circle blocks look more like a coin quilt to me than a traditional one, :)

audrey said...

Yay! Another Quilty 365'er.:) And you're not late to the party. Several people have said they won't start till the first of the year!

Janet O. said...

I will watch the creation of your circles with interest. Should be a lovely quilt with all of the florals from which you can choose. : )

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