Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I need to Cut and Run

  Last night the Queen of Scraps was in town and spoke at our guild.  See Bonnie's post here.    She proclaimed Betty as the lady of the night with all her quilts!
  First, Bonnie's quilts are more beautiful in person, if that is possible.  The colors and textures come alive and reach out and grab you.   Pictures on line and in books are good, but there is nothing like seeing them in person.

  Second, she was all over me in her Scrap Users lecture.  She bases the system on some simple math....she had us adding up sizes to understand her madness!  Fun and funny!    And throwing thread tails in the trash basket is a no-no.....that is why she uses leaders and enders to continually make her quilt units.  Good point with the price of thread increasing too.  

  Third, she was eyeing Sir Old Man's new shirt for a quilt!  Yikes!  He and Roger were quilt holders last night and Bonnie noticed his new shirt.  I have finally gotten him to wear something other than a denim shirt....so please leave it on him :)

So.......I have been quite slack at cutting up my trimmings and small pieces/hunks of fabric......the basket of them is over flowing.    I need to cut chunks /hunks/ and trimmings into those usable sizes.  Thereby reducing the over flow basket.
I need to run to the sewing machine and get back to making usable units....pull out that basket of triangle pieces and 4 patch squares.   And stitch a lot!
   Yes, it is time to cut and run.  Enjoy....happy stitching. 


  1. I did not make the connection of Bonnie's post to your area and guild - wow, small world. I have never been to a BH event - always booked up before they even announce them in our area. Enjoy your scrappin'!

  2. Bonnie is definitely the Queen of Scraps. So good with creating beauty from scraps it is amazing. I look forward to seeing what you create with your scraps.


    PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via http://mycreativebloglist.blogspot.com/, although I still follow you via a variety of tools.

  3. Seems like we quilters are always digging through the scraps first - sometimes makes me wonder why I ever bought yardage, lol!

  4. Just love your description of an evening with Bonnie. You made me wish I could have been there! You know, I like your cut & run better than what my trainer has been recommending.

  5. What a wonderful evening you all had. And how nice for your member/friend Betty to be honoured by such an important quilter/designer as Bonnie! IT must have made her night!

  6. Darn.... looked for sir Old Man's shirt and didn't see his picture. My hubby's fav shirts are his denim chambray too. :-) I read Bonnie's column earlier this morning but didn't realize you were part of the crew there at that guild. How fun for you and all the gals!!

  7. I kept looking for your hubby in the pics and could not spot him either. I know it must have been a great program. Are you in any of the slide show photos?

  8. How exciting for you to attend a Bonnie event. After your description of seeing her quilts in person I am even more determined to attend an event someday. I hear she is coming to our area sometime in 2017, but I have no idea what she will be doing. I hope I am able to sign up. : )

  9. You had Bonnie Hunter at your guild!!?? That is so cool and I believe that's your quilt at the very beginning of the slide show, you're a star too!

  10. OMGosh! Reading your post just described my exact reaction to seeing Bonnie. Although I had followed her blog forever, hearing and seeing made all the difference in the world to me. Eye your husband's shirt, that's funny!!!


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